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Here at the Ferme du Hitton, where quality and ethics are the very cornerstones of the work carried out by this team of nature lovers, we produce organic donkey milk products and aromatic plants in the heart of the Occitanie region in Southwest France. As experts in handmade cold-process soaps and cosmetics and artisan soap makers who grow our own produce, our focus is on cultivating and preserving nature’s goodness by respecting human values, animal wellbeing and the environment.

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Mon premier article

Mon premier article

Et quoniam mirari posse quosdam peregrinos existimo haec lecturos forsitan, si contigerit, quamobrem cum oratio ad ea monstranda deflexerit quae Romae gererentur, nihil praeter seditiones narratur et tabernas et vilitates harum similis alias, summatim causas perstringam nusquam a veritate sponte propria digressurus. read more
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