Organic wintergreen essential oil 10 ml

Organic wintergreen essential oil 10 ml



Organic wintergreen essential oil is:

Anti-rheumatic Analgesic Anti-inflammatory Antispasmodic Urinary draining Febrifuge


Organic wintergreen essential oil is essential for muscle pain, rheumatism, cramps, myositis (inflammatory condition of muscle tissue), osteoarthritis, tendinitis, and arthritis.

Usage guidelines

Consult a doctor before any therapeutic use or oral treatment.

Wintergreen essential oil should be reserved for external use and always in dilution.

On the skin: 4 drops of organic wintergreen essential oil + 4 drops of sesame vegetable oil, topically applied for all joint and muscle problems. Possible synergy

Synergy: Rosemary camphor, lemon eucalyptus Energetic value and synergy

In energetic aromatherapy, wintergreen essential oil is associated with the root chakra "Muladhara." Its color is red.

Wintergreen essential oil activates Muladhara, relaxing and euphoric, it releases muscle tension from the body.

It allows the energies of the Earth to enter, nourishes "our roots," and restores our vital strength.

Synergy: Immortelle, lavender

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