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Organic Italian Helichrysum essential oil

Organic Italian Helichrysum essential oil 5 ml

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Queen of aromatherapy, italian helichrysum essential oil is anti-bruising, erases spider veins on legs, reduces redness as well as bruises and bumps.

It also has an anti-aging effect and promotes blood circulation.

100% pure and natural, certified ORGANIC by Ecocert.

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Botanical name:

Helichrysum italicum

Extraction method:

Our Immortelle essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the flowering tops of the plant. Our still is made of stainless steel, and we use neither fuel, nor gas, nor electricity but wood harvested from our forests bordering the aromatic plant fields.

Olfactory description:

Powerful, warm, slightly spicy odor.

Aromatic compounds:

Neryl acetate, gamma-curcumene, nerol, limonene

Spirit of the plant:

This southern flower, scientifically known as Helichrysum, is prevalent on the Corsican and Mediterranean coasts and is more commonly known as Immortelle. Helichrysum has a characteristic fragrance and an intense odor specific to the Corsican maquis. The bright yellow flowers of Helichrysum, resembling the sun, are harvested from mid-June to mid-July at the beginning of the plant's flowering. We cultivate 12,000 plants on the farm.

Benefits and virtues:

Immortelle essential oil is essential in aromatherapy.

Due to its numerous and irreplaceable properties, it is primarily renowned as the most powerful anti-bruising agent known.

It remains the reference essential oil in the field of traumatology, as well as an excellent hepato-renal drainer and a powerful anti-inflammatory.

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