Organic lavender essential oil 10 ml

Organic lavender essential oil 10 ml



Organic lavender essential oil is a true universal panacea. It is: antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, blood pressure regulator, hyperemic, regulator of the nervous system, healing, and sleep-promoting.


With its perfect safety and wide range of actions, organic lavender essential oil is the flagship of aromatherapy. It can be used at all ages and against all ailments: colds, ear infections, fever, whooping cough, bronchitis, neuritis, hemorrhoids, acne, wounds, burns, scars, bedsores, chickenpox, arthritis, cramps, contractions, muscle spasms, fungal infections, cystitis, sleep disorders, etc.

Usage Guidelines

Consult a doctor before any therapeutic use or oral treatment.

Oral Lavage: 2 drops of organic lavender essential oil, 3 times a day with a bit of honey, syrup, or on a lozenge, as an antiviral in winter.

On the skin: 30 drops of organic lavender essential oil + 30 ml of organic sweet almond oil, for burns.

In atmospheric diffusion, organic lavender essential oil will pleasantly scent your living spaces. In a bedroom, it calms the body and restores balance with the psyche, providing comfort in cases of depression or anxiety. It promotes sleep and acts as an excellent repellent.

Possible Synergies

Relaxation: Rosewood, petitgrain

Blood pressure: Ylang ylang

Energetic Value and Synergy

In energy aromatherapy, organic lavender essential oil is associated with the crown chakra "Sahasrara," the 7th chakra. Its color is violet, and its element is light.

Organic lavender essential oil activates Sahasrara, promoting open-mindedness, leading to spirituality, and opening the door to cosmic consciousness.

In a bath or massage, it purifies the body and soul.

Synergy: Marjoram, Ylang ylang, spikenard, Bourbon geranium.

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