Organic patchouli essential oil

Organic patchouli essential oil 10 ml



Uplifting and tonic
Venous decongestant
Skin regenerator


Organic patchouli essential oil is recommended for treating heavy legs, varicose veins, acne, and atopic dermatitis. With its neuroprotective and psychotonic properties, it will be useful during periods of stress and nervousness.

Its legendary fragrance, thanks to the presence of rare patchoulol sesquiterpenes, will scent your laundry (by adding it to the fabric softener). A few drops in your beauty cream or applied directly to the skin, patchouli essential oil acts as a skin regenerator.

Usage Guidelines

Consult a doctor before any therapeutic use or oral treatment.


2 drops of organic patchouli essential oil, 2 times a day with a bit of honey, syrup, or on a lozenge, for varicose veins and heavy legs.

On the skin:

3 drops of organic patchouli essential oil + 6 drops of organic rosehip seed oil, for dermatoses.

In diffusion:

Used in atmospheric diffusion, patchouli essential oil rebalances the psyche; it makes an excellent psychotonic and a sensual aphrodisiac.

Possible synergy

Synergy: Palmarosa, cypress Energetic Value and Synergy

In energetic aromatherapy, patchouli essential oil is associated with the root chakra "Muladhara." Its color is scarlet red.

Patchouli essential oil activates Muladhara; it stimulates desire, physical and psychic strength, helps overcome our limits, and releases our sensuality.

Synergy: Petitgrain, sandalwood

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