Face & Body

You can use our soaps on your face, hands and body. 

FACE: The face is particularly susceptible to external aggression and needs soft cleansing. Our cold process soaps are very gentle and perfectly suited for use on the face. The exceptionally high content of donkey milk (30%) soothes, hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Time to give yourself a pamper at home thanks to the light lather produced by our soaps! Say goodbye to tightness, itching or burning sensations. Your complexion will be fresh and radiant, and your skin smooth and nourished every day. 

To ensure your skin is perfectly soothed, hydrated and supple, top off your skin care regime with our face care products.

BODY: Due to our temperate climates and typically hard water, the body is often put to the test resulting in tightness, dehydrated or dry skin. The perfect solution is to use our cold process donkey milk soaps that are superfatted and rich in glycerine.

We have selected raw, unadulterated materials whose beneficial effects have been preserved. Our soaps provide your skin with the very best thanks to their first-rate ingredients. They do not affect the skin barrier and allow you to regain supple, nourished and hydrated skin. Explore our range and find the perfect soap to care for your skin.