Macérat de calendula bio

Organic calendula herbal infused oil


Our organic calendula herbal infused oil – manufactured in our laboratory by macerating calendula flowers in the sun in a fabulous organic sunflower oil – is truly a universal remedy for everyday aches and pains:

  • Skin irritations; tight skin, reactive, dry, rough skin
  • Chapped or cracked skin, frostbite, minor cuts
  • Shaving burns, burns, sunburn
  • Itchiness; hives and even insect bites.

It will also have a great effect on muscle or joint pain.

Suitable for all skin types, mums and babies.

Net weight: 30 ml


Organic calendula herbal infused oil

Several studies into calendula herbal infused oils have shown that these oils have exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why it can be used in so many areas and can relieve all skin discomforts such as burns, irritations, itchiness or insect bites. It is also recommended for treating muscle and joint pain such as aches, arthrosis and even arthritis.

As it doesn’t contain any essential oils (it is simply an infusion in oil), the whole family can use it without restriction. It is especially good for a baby’s fragile, tender skin and will make for an excellent 100% natural, preservative-free nappy change product.

The sunflower oil base in our herbal infused oil hydrates the skin and makes it supple.

Depending on your needs, you can add a few drops of essential oils to amplify the effects of the calendula herbal infused oil. A drop of true lavender or aspic lavender will soothe an insect bite, or a drop of wintergreen, katrafay or lemon eucalyptus will soothe joint pain.


Organic sunflower oil, organic calendula extract

30 ml
Essential oil free
Précautions d'emploi
Suitable for the whole family, no contraindications
Light herb-infused

COMPOSITION : Organic sunflower oil, organic calendula extract


Using the integrated pipette, take a few drops of herbal infused oil and apply to the area in question.

Suitable for the whole family, no contraindications.

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