Cold process soap bar  with organic...
Cold process soap bar  with organic...

Cold process soap bar with organic goat milk - unscented


So smooth !

Formulated with saponified shea butter, coconut oil, and castor oil, and enriched with 30% organic goat milk produced in a nearby farm, this soap is incredibly gentle, superfatted, and glycerin-rich. Recommended for oily skins with imperfections.

Cold processed goat milk soap

Cold processed soap 30% goat milk - unscented

Goat milk is a top-choice beauty ally in cosmetics.

Its richness in fatty acids makes it an exceptional moisturizing and emollient treatment.

Particularly containing omega-6, recognized for their action in reinforcing the skin barrier, goat milk provides comfort and soothing for dry, very dry, and irritated skin.

Due to its anti-inflammatory and exfoliating properties (presence of lactic acid), goat milk is particularly beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin.

For mature skin, the abundance of antioxidants in goat milk slows down signs of aging, and lactic acid, through its exfoliating action, restores radiance and reduces dark spots.

Our soaps are crafted in accordance with the tradition of master soap makers. Cold-process saponification, a gentle, heat-free ancient technique, preserves all the benefits of the precious organic raw materials they contain.

We use organic vegetable oils rich in active ingredients from responsible sources. Our selection includes raw, pure, natural, or cold-pressed first-rate ingredients with exceptional cosmetic qualities.


Saponified shea butter*, coconut oil* et castor oil*, goat milk* (30%), glycérin.


100 g

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