At La ferme du Hitton, we cultivate, harvest, and distill organic aromatic and medicinal plants : true lavender, Italian helichrysum, peppermint, rosemary verbenone, clary sage, savory, hyssop, oregano, lemon balm, calendula, and cornflower.

Our fields are located less than 3 minutes from our artisanal distillery.

We use the tchnique of steam distillation : the steam goes through a tank filled with plants to extract aromatic molecules.

We obtain a mix of hydrosol (floral water) and essential oil in vapor form, which is then cooled using a tubular condenser.

The mix then flows into an "essencier" where essential oil and hydrosol separate by simple gravity.

This technique extracts aromatic molecules from plants at low temperature and pressure to preserve all properties.

The resulting essential oil is organic, 100% pure, 100% natural, 100% integral, and pesticide-free, ensuring quality and effectiveness.

Floral water or hydrosol is a precious cosmetic when produced under rigorous conditions.

Our floral waters are of the highest quality. We maintain the ideal ratio of 1 kg of flowers to only 1L of water for optimal active concentration.

Packaged in opaque glass bottles, our floral waters are protected from UV, preserving their properties, and aligning with our commitment to reduce ecological impact.

Our farm-distilled organic floral waters and essential oils are certified organic.

Eco-friendly bonus: the still's boiler is fueled with wood from the property (total energy autonomy), and rainwater collected in a 50,000-liter tank cools the steam inside the condenser.