Cold process soaps

Our cold process donkey milk soaps will turn your bathing routine into one of pure, unadulterated pleasure. Our range of soaps is very much tailored to the whole family. As such, you’ll find a soap for each member of the family, and you can use it on your face, hands and body. 

The exceptionally high content of organic donkey milk (30%) in our soaps which, incidentally is produced on our farm, will be a treat for even the most fragile of skin. Donkey milk gives the skin everything it needs to be healthy: antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and natural fatty acids.

In accordance with the traditions passed down by master soap makers, we use the cold process soap making technique. This ancestral process is not at all aggressive, requires no cooking, and keeps all the goodness of the precious organic raw materials used in our soaps.

We use organic vegetable oils rich in active ingredients that are sourced from responsible sectors. During our travels, we selected raw, pure natural ingredients or cold-pressed ingredients with fantastic cosmetic properties:

  • Raw shea butter, the ultimate beauty ingredient. It protects and nourishes the skin thanks to its naturally rich content of unsaponifiable matter (which do not disappear during saponification): vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fatty acids. This trait means that shea butter has a remarkable anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and healing power.
  • Cold-pressed olive oil, rich in antioxidants, has an anti-ageing effect.
  • Raw coconut oil, easily absorbed by the skin, is nourishing, restorative and replenishes lipids.

Our soaps are enriched with natural ingredients that protect, hydrate and strengthen the skin barrier. They will soothe hands irritated by hand sanitiser gels.

Our soaps are superfatted (up to 7%), and they contain insoluble free fatty acids that are naturally rich in glycerine. They protect the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier, the natural protective film that is essential when it comes to fighting against external aggression (pollution, cold, sun, etc.) and preventing the water contained in the skin’s tissues from evaporating too quickly and drying out the skin.

Most of our soaps have a subtle scent thanks to our organic essential oils. They will care for your skin and will awaken your senses for a uniquely relaxing moment of pure bliss.

To ensure that our soaps retain as much as the essential oils they contain as possible, we decided to package them in a recyclable cardboard box.