We have been growing organic aromatic plants here at the Ferme du Hitton for the last ten years or so, including: lavender, rosemary, helichrysum italicum (or immortelle), peppermint, cornflower, and so on.

Our fields are just three minutes away from our craft distillery. Our project is a fully environmentally-friendly one: we collect wood from the property which is used in the still boiler, and we have a rainwater recovery system for cooling.

We use steam distillation, which means that water vapour passes through the plant material to extract the perfume. At the end of the process, we have two distinct products:

Essential oil – the quintessence of plants, a pure concentrate of aromatic molecules.

Floral water or hydrolat – is the water that was used to distil the plants in the first place. It’s an incredibly valuable cosmetic if produced under optimal conditions, and is by no means a sub-product of distillation as you may hear.

Our floral waters are of the very highest quality: 0.5 kg – 1 kg of plants are needed to produce just one litre of floral water with no conservatives.

Thanks to opaque glass bottles that are ideal for packaging, our floral waters are protected against UVs, their properties are preserved, and we are able to keep to our commitment of reducing our environmental footprint.

We were keen to widen our product range and now have a complete range of 50 organic essential oils that are 100% pure, 100% natural and with no pesticides to treat all everyday aches and pains.